Who’s Going To Let Me Do My Art?

That’s the question every creative is constantly asking themselves.  The need to find collaborators to help set up “that next project” is something you’ll always have to search for. Most people who have the passion, talent, and business sense to create a masterpiece need to get approval from others (TV networks, Broadway producers, traditional studios, etc.) before they can set their dreams on their feet.

We’re not most people. We’re not asking for permission to do something great: we’re just doing it!

Up Next Productions was founded in 2019 to give chances to up-and-coming arts professionals as they transition from learning their craft to being an active member of the industry. 

Our mission is to provide a professional environment where passionate artists of all fields can present their art, especially when they haven’t yet found that opportunity or been given a featured position.

You can always look forward to something Up Next.

Meet the Up Next Ensemble!

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