Chances & Chalices

Chances & Chalices

Original Parody Musical
by Clint Foley

March 24th, 2018

The ultimate show of imagination, complete with monsters, magic, and treasure.

The Story

Five nerdy (but well-adjusted) actors gather to play a live game of Chances & Chalices: It’s like D&D but with more showtunes!  They may encounter dangerous  creatures, spells, and dilemmas during this new, but familiar, musical adventure. But, since their fates are completed controlled by the rolls of the 20-sided dice, who knows what will happen?!

This 45-minute piece was created for the benefit of the Chance Theater‘s 2018 Chance-a-Thon.

The Party

Angeline Mirenda
"Lilith" The Tiefling Rogue
Jonathan Barouch
"Ceres" The Human Paladin
Clint Foley
The Dungeon Master
Angela Kuebelbeck
Stage Manager
Megan Ruble
"Galbys" The Gnome Barbarian
Andrew Puente
"Johnny Snow" - The Human Wizard


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