Himerria Wortham

Himerria Wortham

Himerria Wortham, Berlin- born and Detroit educated, is a dancer, choreographer and actress, who has been working in the Los Angeles commercial industry since 2008. She has performed with a variety of artists such as Shakira, Carley Rae Jepsen, and Aretha Franklin to name a few, as well as danced in the AMA’s, Academy Awards, and America’s Best Dance Crew.

Wortham joined the Disney family in 2010, dancing, singing and acting in numerous stage shows at the parks, like the musical Frozen! Live at the Hyperion, and Disney’s hit TV shows Shake It Up and So Random. 

She has ventured into choreographing music videos, staged concert shows and film, and most recently began her journey of directing her own short films such as Confessions and Dormez Vouz.

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