tick, tick…SOON!

An Up Next Productions Prevue
Digital Concert Series!

October 3-31, 2020

Streamed exclusively to our supporters on StageIt.com.

During the final months of 2019, we wrapped our first year of production with a concert celebration in hopes to raise funds for our next musical in March 2020. As increasing news about the pandemic filtered in, we decided upon postponement date of June.  The worldwide situation developed, and we postponed our full production to October 2020.

Soon afterward, it became apparent that we’d have to wait a little longer for our full production. Rather than let all of our work gather dust until we can safely return to the stage, we brought our vision of tick tick BOOM! right into the homes of our audiences, via 5 live-streamed concert previews titled tick, tick…SOON!

In a time when artists everywhere were most impacted by the inability to perform in traditional ways, we wanted to make sure that the show goes on, SAFELY, and make our work-in-progress an entertaining show too!

...episode 1!

In the premiere episode of Tick Tick Soon, we introduced Jonathan’s work and the reasons that our 30th anniversary production is so special. Performances were provided by the Tick Tick Boom Band and the entirety of the production team:

...episode 2!

Rock? Meet Musical!  We  heard interviews from each member of the Tick Tick Boom Band and our musical director herself, Jenna Byrd! She explained what exactly goes into managing the music of a show like this, and how she did it remotely! Plus we DIDN’T start a fire.

...episode 3!

The Design Extravaganza! We be “Came to our senses” by chatting with our costume and sound designers, plus even more music and inspirations from the show, thanks to Angeline Mirenda and Andrew Puente!

...episode 4!

The Legacy of Jonathan Larson.  We learned why the main man of our musical is representative of so much more. We’ll featured a secret song from Jonathan Larson’s archives, and touched on who else is working to tell the story of TICK TICK BOOM these days…LMM anyone?

...episode 5!

Halloween Finale!  We joined the Up Next Productions community in a radically 90’s costume party! Complete with the sugary goodness that Halloween requires.


...special thanks!

Gabe Aronson

Jonathan Barouch

Bailey Bagheri

Chris Bunyi

Tuck Byrd

Monica Mandapat

Klarissa Mesee

Jonathan Moulton

Isaac Robinson-Smith

Jonah Scott

Jordan Stidham

Rama Vallury

Everyone who tuned in for the live shows!

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